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Lucy Njoki Ndegwa, mother of four, made it her duty to help homeless orphans who lived on the streets of Nairobi. At first she took time for the children to bring them food. In 1996, six children followed her home, and she invited them to spend the Christmas holidays at her home. After the holidays none of the children wanted to go back to living on the streets. Word spread fast, and more and more children came and found shelter in Lucy’s home. Soon a clear concept and administration was required – and so Gathiga Children’s Hope Home was born. After a few years Lucy and her family moved out of their home in order to use the property entirely for the orphans.
Through an initiative of Mary and Julian the first volunteers were welcomed at Hope Home, and supported Lucy and the children directly on location.
In 2009 Antje and Andrej discovered the Hope Home over their social network. In autumn of the same year they spent several weeks at Hope Home as volunteers.

With the help of family and friends Antje, Andrej, Mary and Julian founded the nonprofit organization “Children’s Hope Home” on 14th November, 2009 in Wiesbaden Germany.
In the late summer of 2010 Ebenezer Home in Kihara was founded with the support of Children's Hope Home. It especially cares for children affected by HIV.

about us

our story

Lucy Njoki Ndegwa, mother of four, made ...

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