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The idea behind Children's Hope Home is to strengthen our own commitment by winning other voices and inspiring new thinking on child poverty and homelessness.

We believe that change process works better when more voices participate. We want to transfer our enthusiasm to you and others and hopefully our work as presented on this website and many different blogs will inspire many of you to join us in working towards improving the lives of the kids living in the streets of Nairobi and in Children's Hope Home.

"Louder Together" was the Consortium for Street Children’s theme for the 2012 International Day for Street Children. How are you using your voice this year?

You can lend us your voice as a volunteer. Providing the children with love, attention and essential skills in life that will help them on their way to successful futures free from poverty, filled with the same opportunities as others.

You can register for donations or sponsorships: with your donation you enable the children’s needs to be met. They will be clothed, fed, educated and taken care of by loving caregivers because of your support.

You can spread the word on social networks. Join us and make some noise online for the kids in Children's Hope Home!



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