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Become a Hoffnungsträger!

You want to take over the sponsorship for one of the kids in Hope Home?
That is a good idea... but let's be honest:
Currently we have around 100 kids in both the homes. When one child receives a gift of any sort and others do not they end up heartbroken and extremely disappointed. As long as there is not at least as many regular sponsors as children in Hope Home, the Godfather model is unviable. We cannot favour one kid over another. For this reason we prefer not to have an individual child sponsorship program, instead we prefer to allow our supporters to make a regular contribution that goes much further than supporting a single child, allowing all our kids to feel special and equal. By becoming a Hoffnungsträger you will be helping to fund our work in one of the most important ways. By giving regularly we are able to count on your ongoing support and make better plans for the future. Even if you are only donating a small amount, being a regular donor really helps.
Alternatively we are encouraging our supporters to engage in our newly launched educational sponsorship program. For most children in Kenya education is far from being free of costs. Especially the fees for secondary education are enormous. With your support, we can make sure that these children have full access to quality education. We can help them envision a better future. And we can give them the tools they need to build it.
We want to allow each sponsor to exchange with the kids in Gathiga and Kihara. Therefore we ask you to see our focus-page and maybe opt for a sponsorship of one of the kids.

To register for regular donations or an educational sponsorship fill in our sponsorship form or write an e-mail with subject "Hoffnungsträger" or "Educational-Sponsor" to before subscribing for a specific payment option.

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