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Dreams for the future

We have several specific goals, but we are limited by expenses. In the past the number of children seeking support in Children's Hope Home has increased to around 100 kids. Whereby our monthly funds can actually cater for less than 50 kids. We look forward to having more financial support to cater for the ongoing need of food, clothing, health care and education.

Renovate and enlarge facilities

The orphanage’s location was once Duncans family house. The facilities have been built up over the years by volunteer groups with varying construction expertise. Our grounds are strongly in need of renovation.

Employ trained social workers on site

Many of the children have experienced trauma and abuse before being placed in Hope Home. Their rights have been violated many times by the adults who were supposed to protect them. Social workers would be better equipped to offer the kind of counseling that would aid our kids in Kihara and Gathiga to grow into healthier adults.

Educational Sponsorships

To give the kids the opportunities that only education can provide. In Kenya, schools charge school fees, tuition fees and require that students purchase mandatory uniforms as well as their own books and supplies. Especially high school feels are very high. Annual cost of attending public high school adds up to approximately USD 300, making obtaining a high school diploma an impossible dream for some of our kids.

See the teaserbar for information about the children and youth in Gathiga and Kihara and whether they have been linked to a sponsor or not. Along we have assembled some impressions from Children's Hope Home in Gathiga and Ebenezer Home in Kihara.

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meet the kids

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meet the kids

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Impressions from Gathiga & Kihara.

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