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Our mission

Children's Hope Home vision is to help provide the kids in Gathiga and Kihara obtain a steady source of income through donations, sponsorships and fundraising projects that will help cater for nutritious food, clean water, health care, quality education and most importantly help give them a happy, loving and secure family home.

Material assistance apart, we also seek to assist the homes with volunteers who are children loving and motivated to make a difference in the lives of the kids in both homes. With around a hundred Kids and only a limited number of staff members the homes are often short-staffed and many of the children's needs cannot be well met without external support and volunteer involvement.

Whats special about Children's Hope Home?
We are a family run organization, together with our parents Lucy and Duncan we have invested many years in rehabilitating and taking care of homeless children. Over the years, the orphanage has been built by many caring international volunteers who have joined our family. As an organization of extended family, friends and past volunteers, we share a passion of helping needy children and love what we do. The kids are fully included into our family. We are not only very close to each other but have a super close brother to sister relationship. And yeah we think this is awesome and feel special!

What else? Despite telling stories about Children’s Hope Home needs and asking for donations, we encourage sponsors and donors to make at least one volunteer trip to see the work they are supporting at first hand. Children’s Hope Home is open for everyone and we love visitors.