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It is the little things that count. Not being hungry or sick any more or being able to go to school.
Health, nutrition and education are our main goals. Keeping faith in one another and the hope for a better future are our motivation.


Many of the children suffer from irregular and unbalanced diet. Malaria is one of the most common infection diseases. Many children are suffering from HIV or hepatitis.

Your donations commit to ensuring that all children can access quality preventative and curative health care services.


The children are missing protein-rich food. If there is enough food at all.

With the help of your donations it is made sure that meals are served regularly, with daily changing ingredients.


Education is the prerequisite for an independent future. Without adequate education chances in life vanish. In Kenya education is relatively expensive. School fees, school uniforms, exercise books, pencils, everything needs to be paid. The kids in Gathiga and Kihara are very eager to learn, engaged and interested. Unfortunately not all of them are in school at all times due to the lack of funds.

With your donations this could change. Sponsorships ensure that orphans and vulnerable children can access quality educational services, and complete schooling successfully.